Dr Arne Nieuwenhuys


Research | Current

Dr. Nieuwenhuys' research focuses on how psycho-physiological states such as anxiety, fatigue and sleep influence human movement and performance. His work ranges from experimentally controlled studies that are conducted in the lab to field experiments and monitoring studies that are conducted among specific target populations (e.g., athletes, soldiers, police officers). By understanding how critical cognitive and motor functions are affected by (changes in) individuals' psycho-physiological state, Dr. Nieuwenhuys aims to develop evidence-based interventions that help people improve their performance in those situations where it counts the most.

Funding (current and past):

  • Nieuwenhuys, A., Kompier, M., Geurts, S., & Coenen, A. (2016). Sleep for gold: effective power napping to facilitate recovery and performance in elite athletes. Mline: 313,000€ - in cooperation with the Netherlands Olympic Committee * Netherlands Sports Organisation.
  • Nieuwenhuys, A. (2014). Working towards safer task designs: interactions between performance pressure and fatigue in task execution.Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research - VENI talent grant: 250,000€ (NWO-VENI 451.14.031).
  • Kompier, M., Nieuwenhuys, A., Geurts, S., & Coenen, A. (2013). Optimizing sleep to improve performance in elite athletes. STW Technology Foundation | Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research: 448,000€ (STW12865)in cooperation with the Netherlands Olympic Committee * Netherlands Sports Organisation.
  • Oudejans, R.R.D., & Nieuwenhuys, A. (2012). Effective stress management: individual differences in police officers' shooting decisions. [Effectief omgaan met stress: individuele verschillen bij het nemen van schietbeslissingen.] Police and Science [Politie en Wetenschap]: 62,000€ (PW53d).
  • Oudejans, R. R. D., & Nieuwenhuys, A. (2009). Acute stress and training with high stress: effects on professional skills of police officers. [Acute stress en trainen onder stress: Effecten op de beroepsvaardigheden van politieambtenaren.] Police and Science [Politie en Wetenschap]: 360,000€ (PW53a, PW53b).

Teaching | Current

Dr. Arne Nieuwenhuys coordinates two undergraduate courses and one postgraduate course in Sport and Exercise Psychology: EXERSCI 204 (Psychology of Physical Activity), EXERSCI 304 (Sport Psychology), EXERSCI 713 (Psychology of Active Living).

Postgraduate supervision

Current students:

  • Ms. Robyn Sullivan (project: injury-related anxiety and action perception)


Areas of expertise

  • Sport and Exercise Psychology
  • Human Movement Sciences
  • Experimental Psychology
  • Cognitive Psychology
  • Movement Neuroscience

Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)

  • van Peer, J. M., Gladwin, T. E., & Nieuwenhuys, A. (2018). Effects of threat and sleep deprivation on action tendencies and response inhibition. Emotion (Washington, D.C.)10.1037/emo0000533
  • Knufinke, M., Nieuwenhuys, A., Maase, K., Moen, M. H., Geurts, S. A. E., Coenen, A. M. L., & Kompier, M. A. J. (2018). Effects of Natural Between-Days Variation in Sleep on Elite Athletes' Psychomotor Vigilance and Sport-Specific Measures of Performance. Journal of sports science & medicine, 17 (4), 515-524.
  • Barte, J. C. M., Nieuwenhuys, A., Geurts, S. A. E., & Kompier, M. A. J. (2018). Effects of fatigue on interception decisions in soccer. International Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology, 1-12. 10.1080/1612197X.2018.1478869
  • Davis, P. A., Davis, L., Wills, S., Appleby, R., & Nieuwenhuys, A. (2018). Exploring “Sledging” and Interpersonal Emotion-Regulation Strategies in Professional Cricket. The Sport Psychologist, 32 (2), 136-145. 10.1123/tsp.2017-0078
  • Knufinke, M., Nieuwenhuys, A., Geurts, S. A., Møst EI, Maase, K., Moen, M. H., ... Kompier, M. A. (2018). Train hard, sleep well? Perceived training load, sleep quantity and sleep stage distribution in elite level athletes. Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport, 21 (4), 427-432. 10.1016/j.jsams.2017.07.003
  • Knufinke, M., Nieuwenhuys, A., Geurts, S. A. E., Coenen, A. M. L., & Kompier, M. A. J. (2018). Self-reported sleep quantity, quality and sleep hygiene in elite athletes. Journal of sleep research, 27 (1), 78-85. 10.1111/jsr.12509
  • Barte, J. C. M., Nieuwenhuys, A., Geurts, S. A. E., & Kompier, M. A. J. (2018). Motivation counteracts fatigue-induced performance decrements in soccer passing performance. Journal of Sports Sciences10.1080/02640414.2018.1548919
  • Knufinke, M., Fittkau-Koch, L., Møst EIS, Kompier, M. A. J., & Nieuwenhuys, A. (2018). Restricting short-wavelength light in the evening to improve sleep in recreational athletes–A pilot study. European Journal of Sport Science10.1080/17461391.2018.1544278

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