Department of Exercise Sciences

Entry requirements

To enrol in a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Sciences prospective students must meet a number of entry requirements.

Students wishing to enter Exercise Sciences are advised to consult the University of Auckland’s admission site

Information is also available in the Admissions Regulations section of the University Calendar

Since the first year of the programme is predominantly biology/physiology based, it is important that prospective students have a background in biology. Students who wish to pursue a BSc degree in Exercise Sciences must have the rank scores for admission.

Students are strongly encouraged to have developed a background in mathematics, particularly in algebra and trigonometry as well as in physics, statistics, chemistry and physical education. For students who do not have a strong background in mathematics and/or physics, additional courses in those subjects are available.

The University of Auckland has different entry requirements and admission procedures depending on whether you are a domestic or international applicant. For entry requirements please see,

For special admissions cases, prior academic and work records will also be taken into consideration.

All new students who were not enrolled at the University of Auckland in the last year must apply online at Apply Now

For further help or for general enquiries, please contact the Student Information Centre

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