Department of Exercise Sciences

Bachelor of Science (Honours)

Students who have completed the bachelor’s level of Exercise Sciences or Sport and Exercise Science, may choose to study an honours degree.

The Bachelor of Science (BSc) with Honours (Hons) requires one year of full time or two years from initial enrolment for part-time study after the successful completion of the BSc. Students are required to take 700 level courses and submit an Honours dissertation.

To gain entry, students are required to have achieved:

  • BSc in Exercise Sciences or Sport and Exercise Science
  • 90 points at Stage III, 45 of these points are in the majoring subject i.e. Exercise Sciences or Sport and Exercise Science
  • GPA for the 45 points in the major should be B or higher

Students must pass 120 points, including:

  • 15 points from EXERSCI 705
  • 45 points from EXERSCI 780 Dissertation


  • 60 points from EXERSCI 702-704 / 706-714


  • 45 points from EXERSCI 702-704 / 706-714; and
  • 15 points, subject to approval by the Head of Department from approved 700 level courses

After graduating with BSc(Hons), it is possible to progress to a Masters degree or to a Doctorate (PhD).