Department of Exercise Sciences

Our staff

The Department of Exercise Sciences has internationally recognised scholars on staff that are committed to the University's mandate of producing high quality research and teaching.

Academic Staff

Academic Qualifications Position


Phone Ext E-mail
Associate Professor TTC Ardmore, DipPE Otago, MSc Wyoming, PhD Penn State University Head of Department Greg Anson 82975
Professor BHK Windsor, MSc PhD Simon Fraser University Deputy Head of Department Winston Byblow 86844
Associate Professor  MSc AUT, PhD University of Auckland   Lynley Bradnam 84102
Associate Professor BPHE Toronto, MA McGill PhD Toronto University   Heather Smith 84681
Associate Professor MChiroSci Macquarie University NSW
MSc PhD University of Auckland
  James Stinear 82378
Associate Professor BSc(Hons), MSc, PhD Loughborough University  

Nicholas Gant

Dr MSc, PhD Guelph University Senior Lecturer Stacey Reading 83766
Dr BS Shanghai Jiao Tong, PhD Texas Tech Senior Lecturer Yanxin Zhang 86859
Dr MSc, PhD University of Auckland Senior Lecturer Silmara Gusso 83795
Dr BTech Biomed, (Hons), PhD University of Auckland Lecturer Angus McMorland
Dr PhD VU University Amsterdam  Lecturer Arne Nieuwenhuys 87974
Dr  PhD University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg  Lecturer  Rebecca Meiring  84815 
Dr BSc Biomed, MSc (First Class Honours) & PhD University of Auckland Research Fellow  Victor Borges 84677
Dr B Hlth Sc (Hons), PhD University of Adelaide Research Fellow John Cirillo 87810
Mr  MSc Tutor Daniel Gordon 82120
Ms MSc, Otago  Professional Teaching Fellow  Lucy Macfarlane
Ms  MSc Professional Teaching Fellow Cindy Morrison 82139
Mr DipIT Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology
BBiomedSci University of Otago
BSc(Hons) University of Auckland
Professional Teaching Fellow Waruna Weerasekera 82544

Mr  MSc Professional Teaching Fellow Tyler Elliott 82541
Ms  MSc  Tutor  Tracy Foo  84031

Professional staff

Role  Name Phone Ext E-mail
Group Services Manager  Julie Davis  82008 
Business Operations Team Leader   Liezl Cairns  83747 
Academic Services Coordinator  Kharmin Sukhia  86887 
Group Services Coordinator Bessie D'Sa  86825 
Clinic Administrator  Jacinth Tuazon 82540 
Accountant Vivian Nayon 87483
Exercise Science Technician Terry Corin  85197 
Exercise Physiology Technician Sivani Patel 86858

Movement Neuroscience Lab Technician April Ren 84897

Health and Rehabilitation Clinic

Role  Name Phone Ext E-mail
Academic Programme Director Clinical Exercise Physiology Stacey Reading, MSc, PhD Guelph University 83766
Professional Teaching Fellow Tyler Elliott, MSc 82541

Professional Teaching Fellow Cindy Morrison, MSc 82139
Tutor Daniel Gordon, MSc 82120
Tutor Tracy Foo, MSc 84031 
Clinic Administrator  Jacinth Tuazon  82540