Department of Exercise Sciences

Movement, Exercise, Sport and Health

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When faced with a choice, how does the brain select the correct response?

How do we stop movements we have already started?

Can we measure impaired movement reliably?

Why do we frequently make "mirror movements" with our hands?

What happens in the brain when we imagine moving?



Will pilates exercise help my bad back?

What factors regulate muscle growth?

Should I keep running through the pain?



How important is the penalty shot?

Why do some golfers suffer from the ‘yips’?



Can we predict how well someone will recover after a stroke?

Overuse injuries: is the strain in the brain?

Can spinal manipulation change the way the brain processes information?

Do motor networks in the spinal cord become more active following a stroke?

Can we help people with Parkinson’s disease walk better?

Will I remain fit and healthy with I retire?

Do nerve cells in the spinal cord become more active following a stroke?

How does the kinaesthetic sense become impaired in Parkinson’s disease?