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Musculo-skeletal biomechanical modelling

The Department of Exercise Sciences Biomechanics Laboratory conducts numerous research projects.

Biomechanics Laboratory Project

Development of a musculo-skeletal biomechanical model to quantify muscle forces during upper-limb movements. Yanxin Zhang.

The aim of this project is to develop a musculo-skeletal biomechanical model to quantify muscle forces during upper limb movements, which will include a marker based biomechincal model, dynamic equations of motion, musculo-skeletal geometry and an optimization model. The proposed research project has three separate but closely related phases. In the first phase, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Kinematics data and electromyography (EMG) data will be collected from 10 subjects to establish baseline data that can be evaluated by the model. In the second phase, the upper extremity will be modelled as a multi-linkage biomechanical system and the equation of motion will be set up to compute the joint moments that are required to produce specified motions of body segment. Subsequently a muscular model will be developed to simulate joint and muscle forces. The kinematic data will be used as input to the model and model parameters will be calibrated based on the data. During the third phase, the model will be evaluated using statistical methods.