Department of Exercise Sciences

Jason Gurney

Tertiary Education

  • Completed PhD in 2011
  • Bachelor of Science (First Class Honours) - 2006
  • Bachelor of Science - 2005

Awards and Distinctions

  • 2007 Health Research Council (HRC) Maori PhD Scholarship ($102,500)
  • 2006 Lotteries Minister’s Discretionary Fund - Travel Grant ($2,500)
  • 2006 First Class Honours with a GPA of 7.75
  • 2005 Main Prize - DAGM 2005 ($100)
  • 2003 HRC Maori Summer Studentship - Diabetic Neuropathy of the Maori Foot ($4000)

PhD scholarships awarded but unable to hold simultaneously with HRC scholarship:

  • 2007 University of Auckland Maori & Pacific Graduate PhD Scholarship ($87,000)
  • 2007 Lotto Health Research PhD Scholarship ($69,000)
  • 2007 Tertiary Education Commission Bright Future Enterprise PhD Scholarship ($37,500)

Relevant Research and Work Experience

  • 2003 - Now Research assistant, Auckland Gait Laboratory including patient preparation, data collection and kinematic and kinetic data analysis
  • 2003 - Now Active research into diabetic foot complications in New Zealand including patient recruitment, data collection, data analysis and publication of findings
  • 2007 - 2008 Active participation in diabetes education as part of the Wananga series in conjunction with the Lets Beat Diabetes initiative
  • 2005 - 2008 Researcher / Logistical management of a large footwear testing and design project on behalf of the Biomechanics Lab for Nike Inc.

Journal Publications

  • Gurney, J., Kersting, U., Rosenbaum, D. (2009). Dynamic foot function and morphology in elite rugby league athletes of different ethnicity. Journal of Applied Ergonomics, 40, p554-559.
  • Gurney, J., Kersting, U., Rosenbaum, D. (2008). Between-day reliability of repeated plantar pressure distribution measurements in a normal population. Gait and Posture, 27, p706-709.
  • Rosenhahn, B., Brox, T., Kersting, U.G., Smith, A.W., Gurney, J.K., Klette, R. (2006). A system for marker-less motion capture. Kuenstliche Intelligenz (The German AI Journal), 20(1), pp. 46-52.

Conference Publications

  • Gurney, J.K., Kersting, U.G. (2008). Asymmetry between left and right plantar loading during gait in non-diabetic and neuropathic-diabetic populations. Emed Scientific Meeting, Dundee, UK (Poster).
  • Rosenhahn, B., Kersting, U.G., Smith, A.W., Gurney, J.K., Brox, T., Klette, R. (2005). A system for marker-less human motion estimation. Pattern Recognition 2005, DAGM, W. Kropatsch, R. Sablatnig and A. Hanbury (Eds.), Springer-Verlag, Berlin Heidelberg, LNCS 3663, pp. 230-237, Wien.
  • Kersting, U.G., Gurney, J., Aitken, K., Martin, S., Rosenbaum, D. (2004) Foot function and morphology in different diabetic populations in New Zealand. Emed Scientific Meeting, Leeds, UK (Poster)
  • Kersting, U.G., Gurney, J., Rosenbaum, D. (2004) Plantar pressures and foot geometry in athletes of different ethnicity. Emed Scientific Meeting, Leeds, UK
  • McAlpine, Paul R., Gurney, Jason K., Kersting, Uwe G. (2005): Performance of New Cricket Bowling Boots - Testing on Laboratory and Artificial Turf Surfaces. In: proc. of NGRS VII.
  • Kersting, Uwe G., Gurney, Jason K. (2006). Integrating 3D Kinematics with Pressure Distribution Measurements for Golf Swing Analysis. Emed Scientific Meeting, Spitzingsee, Germany.
  • Gurney, Jason, Kersting, Uwe. (2006). Comparison of Measurement Systems Used to Determine Elbow Angle During Cricket Bowling. International Symposium of Biomechanics in Sports, Salzburg, Austria.
  • Paul R. McAlpine, Jason K. Gurney, Uwe G. Kersting (2006). The Influence of varied midsole flexibility in a cricket bowling shoe on plantar loading and player perception. Emed Scientific Meeting, Spitzingsee, Germany (Poster).