Department of Exercise Sciences


Here at the Department of Exercise Sciences we offer our students numerous opportunities to participate in research projects. For a full list of current opportunities available via the Biomechanics Laboratory please see the list below.

General Topic Areas



  • Clinical Gait with Dr Yanxin Zhang

    1. Changes in dynamic balance control with ageing
    2. Gait characteristics in patient populations
    3. Evaluation of treatment outcome using gait analysis
    4. The role of assistive devices in improving gait performance
  • Adaptation of Biological Tissues
  • Sport-related Injuries Analysis with Dr Yanxin Zhang
  • Musculo-skeletal Biomechanical Modelling and Simulation with Dr Yanxin Zhang


Biomechanics Group staff members are happy to discuss potential research projects outside of the above areas with interested persons.

If you are interested in pursuing a postgraduate degree in biomechanics at The University of Auckland you should contact members of the Biomechanics Group for further information.