Department of Exercise Sciences


The biomechanics of human movement is one of the four core sub-disciplines of our programme. We aim to integrate physical, biological and engineering principles to investigate the better treatment and care of patients and advance knowledge about the benefit and care of athletes at all levels.


Our Biomechanics Group is lead by a team of three experienced scientists who integrate students into their ongoing and planned projects.

We collaborate with neurologists, surgeons, radiologists, biologists and bioengineers and this provides our students with first-hand experience in a variety of clinical and practical aspects of biomechanics.


Our goals:

  • to apply the principles of mechanics to understand biological processes and mechanisms related to the performance and failure of the human loco-motor system
  • to encourage students to perform independent, high quality research in clinical and/or sport biomechanics
  • to apply biomechanical principles to the design, analysis and development of sports or movement related equipment such as braces, casts and footwear.

Learn more about the Biomechanics Research group and their projects: