Department of Exercise Sciences

Welcome from the Head of Department


All human behaviour is represented through movement. The finely tuned actions of your fingers on a cell phone keypad and the exquisite transformation of muscle activity when scoring a goal display the beautiful complexity of human movement. 

Complexity of human movement is also revealed when the body is damaged and requires repair and rehabilitation. For example, recovering or rebuilding movement capability following stroke allows us to see the neuroplasticity of the human brain at work. Prescribing and regulating exercise for those at risk of a cardiac event informs about the interactions among nutrition, physical activity, metabolism and physiology.

The Department of Exercise Sciences hosts New Zealand’s only internationally accredited postgraduate programme in Clinical Exercise Physiology.

The department offers undergraduate (BSc) and postgraduate (PGDipSci, Honours, MSc and PhD) qualifications and the very popular EXERSCI 100G course, Exercise and Fitness: Myths and Reality. We have an extensive research focus led by our academic staff and involving local, national and international collaborations with scientists, clinicians and the community through the University of Auckland Health and Performance Clinic. Our strength in research-informed teaching supports first class degree programmes and well prepared graduates.

Exercise is medicine and we have the right prescription for you!

Greg Anson
Head of Department