Department of Exercise Sciences

About our department

Our department teaches and conducts research in a range of disciplines including:

  • Exercise Physiology
  • Biomechanics
  • Exercise Psychology
  • Movement Neuroscience

At the Department of Exercise Sciences we have internationally renowned academics, with 200 students of whom 10 are research students, 35 taught postgraduate students and 155 are undergraduate students.

If you would like to undertake further study in Exercise Sciences you can do so through the postgraduate programmes which typically include a mix of specialist courses and research. To find out more about our areas of research please visit Our research.

Postgraduate programmes on offer are listed below and to find out more information please visit Postgraduate study options:

  • Bachelor of Science (Honours) Exercise Sciences

Masters and Postgraduate Diploma in Science, in the specialist areas of:

  • Clinical Exercise Physiology
  • Exercise Sciences

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree in Exercise Sciences, which involves pursuing an approved programme of advanced study and research.

The research culture in our department is supported by our staff and students. Students and staff participate in conferences and publish numerous articles in major international journals. To read these articles please visit Publications.

We have collaborations with other departments within The University of Auckland and at other New Zealand and international research organisations.