Department of Exercise Sciences

Year 2 courses

The Department of Exercise Sciences offers a number of core and elective second year (200-level) courses for students at stage two of their qualification. A full description of the second year courses for a major in Exercise Sciences can be found below.

EXERSCI 201 S1 C Exercise Physiology 1 (15 points)

Physiological and biochemical requirements and provision of energy for exercise, recovery and adaptation. Generation and control of muscular force and power, and how the neuromuscular system adapts to its habitual use.  Scientific measurement of muscular force, work and power and oxidative metabolism at rest and during exercise. Justification, administration and reporting of experimental procedures.

Prerequisites: 30 points from BIOSCI 107, EXERSCI 101, 103, MEDSCI 142, SPORTSCI 101, 103
Restriction: SPORTSCI 201

Course coordinator:  Associate Professor H. Smith

EXERSCI 201 course flyer

EXERSCI 202 S2 C Principles of Tissue Adaptation (15 points)

Principles of adaptation in nerve, muscle, bone and other tissue that occur with increased use, disuse, or misuse including sports and exercise injuries. Coverage includes examples relevant to the maintenance of healthy tissues and the recovery and rehabilitation of tissue following injury or disease.
Prerequisites: EXERSCI 103 or SPORTSCI 103
Restriction: SPORTSCI 202

Course coordinator: Dr A. McMorland

EXERSCI 202 course flyer

EXERSCI 203 S1 C Biomechanics 1 (15 points)

Mechanical analysis of human movement, using qualitative, quantitative and predictive techniques. The focus is on sports techniques, musculoskeletal stress and locomotion.
Prerequisites: EXERSCI 101 or SPORTSCI 101
Restriction: SPORTSCI 203

Course coordinator: Dr A. McMorland

EXERSCI 203 course flyer (PDF)

EXERSCI 204 S2 C Psychology of Physical Activity (15 points)

An introduction to the study of psychology as it relates to physical activity, sedentary behaviour and health.
Restriction: SPORTSCI 204

Course coordinator: Dr A Nieuwenhuys

EXERSCI 204 course flyer (PDF)

EXERSCI 206 S2 C Exercise Nutrition (15 points)

A cross-disciplinary focus on nutrition, examining nutritional enhancement of sports performance, diet and physiological function, eating disorders, energy balance, body composition and the role of diet in growth and exercise.

Prerequisite: 15 points from BIOSCI 107 or MEDSCI 142
Restriction: SPORTSCI 206

Course coordinator: Associate Professor N. Gant

EXERSCI 206 course flyer (PDF)