Department of Exercise Sciences


  • The benefits of regular brisk walking
    29 January 2016
    Dr Stinear's comments about the benefits of walking and our brain are included in a story about the latest science of walking in the New Zealand Listener.
  • The Department of Sport and Exercise Science celebrates its 21st
    02 October 2015
    The Department of Sport and Exercise Science celebrated its 21st Birthday on Wednesday night with an evening that brought alumni, current students, past and present staff together to acknowledge and thank the people who have contributed to the rich history and bright future of the department.
  • Why aren’t pureed foods satisfying?
    26 May 2015
    Uncovering the secrets behind why foods with complex textures are more filling than pureed foods is one of two projects awarded seed funding from the Food and Health Programme at the University of Auckland.
  • Exercise is the Best Medicine
    07 May 2015
    Exercise is good for you – and it can save your life. That's according to exercise experts Associate Professor Greg Anson, Head of the Department of Sport and Exercise Science and Dr Jim Stinear.
  • Clinical Exercise Physiology postgraduate programme receives international accreditation
    10 April 2015
    A Department of Sport and Exercise Science Postgraduate programme that teaches Clinical physiology has been awarded international accreditation by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs.
  • People wanted for innovative cardiac exercise study
    11 March 2015
    Participants are needed for an innovative exercise-based cardiac rehabilitation study that uses mobile technology to remotely supervise exercise in real time, anywhere in New Zealand.
  • Dietary supplement may protect the brain from injury
    23 January 2015
    The dietary supplement creatine can protect the brain when its oxygen supply is reduced, a University of Auckland study has found.
  • Equine Research Hall of Fame
    04 December 2014
    Professor Elwyn Firth from the Department of Sport and Exercise Science has been inducted into the University of Kentucky Gluck Equine Research Foundation’s Equine Research Hall of Fame.
  • Weighty issue
    04 December 2014
    “Our general population is getting fatter” says Paul Nolan, Professional Teaching Fellow from the Department of Sport and Exercise Science. “Our 18-25 year olds are getting fattest the quickest and this coincides with our undergrad population.”
  • New stroke research aims to improve recovery
    04 September 2014
    Research into why some people recover better from stroke than others, is underway at the University of Auckland.
  • Exercise is the new medicine
    03 July 2014
    Master of Science: Clinical Exercise Physiology is a new programme offered by the Department of Sport and Exercise Science. The video, "Exercise is the new medicine", explains why there is a need for specialists in this area.
  • Health Research Council funding success
    11 June 2014
    Professor Winston Byblow (Sport and Exercise Science) along with colleagues from the Department of Medicine and University of Otago have received a $1.2M award from the Health Research Council of NZ for a new project entitled “Individualised neuromodulation for motor recovery after stroke”.
  • You can’t fool the human body when it comes to carbs
    04 June 2014
    A new study by Dr Nick Gant’s team from the Centre for Brain Research at the University of Auckland provides yet more evidence that the brain knows far more about the foods we ingest that previously thought.
  • Exercise is Medicine
    20 December 2013
    Not sure why you need your regular exercise? Watch this video by Clinical Exercise Physiology graduate Jayasudan Jeganathan to find out.
  • Clare Turner wins the 2013 Auckland Nutrition Research Network prize for best 3 minutes research presentation.
    19 December 2013
    Clare Turner under supervision of Dr Nick Gant of the Department of Sport & Exercise Science wins the 2013 Auckland Nutrition Research Network prize for best 3 minutes research presentation.
  • SES student scoops poster prizes
    24 October 2013
    Charlotte Connell’s research project entitled ‘Coffee: more than meets the eye’ performed under the supervision of Dr Nick Gant wins both the Faculty of Science and University-wide Exposure research communication competitions.
  • Top postgraduate science communicators
    20 September 2013
    Congratulations to the winners of this year’s Faculty of Science Poster Competition and thanks to all the students from across the faculty who took the opportunity to showcase their research in our annual competition.
  • Science women among first to receive gold medallist’s fund
    28 June 2013
    Six students studying towards a Bachelor of Science are among The University of Auckland’s first recipients of the Mahé Drysdale Sports Support Fund.
  • Donation supports study of innovative treatment for tinnitus
    18 September 2012
    An innovative multi-modal treatment programme for tinnitus will be trialled by researchers from the Centre for Brain Research at The University of Auckland, in a study made possible by a donation from Link Research and Grants.
  • Predicting recovery after stroke
    31 July 2012
    In work that may revolutionise rehabilitation for stroke patients, researchers have shown it is possible to predict an individual’s potential for recovery of hand and arm function after a stroke.