EXERSCI 100G now available for all undergraduates on the Summer School 2018 open schedule

30 October 2017

EXERSCI 100G: Exercise and Fitness: Myths and Reality is now available on the Summer School 2018 open schedule

We have exciting news! Our popular General Education course EXERSCI 100G (formerly known as SPORTSCI 100G) is now available on the open schedule for the 2018 Summer School. This means that it is available for undergraduate students from all faculties and programmes to come and study.*

Enrol now to join us and uncover the myths and reality behind exercise and fitness. With no background in Science required, this course is perfect for anyone interested in health, fitness and how the body works.

EXERSCI 100G is an introduction to the principles of physical exercise, with a focus on understanding how the body moves and responds to exercise, how performance can be measured, and how fitness can be developed and maintained to optimise health.

Particular emphasis will be placed on the debunking of common myths about exercise, and offering evidence-based advice on the benefits of appropriate physical activity.

If you have always been curious about how the body works (at a basic introductory level), then this would be the course to take!

Learn more about the course.

Key dates:

Summer School enrolments close: 22 December 2017

Summer School begins: 4 January 2018

Change/add courses until: 10 January 2018


Note: current students do not need to apply for the Summer School, just enrol onto the courses you have chosen.

*Those who have completed BIOSCI 107, EXERSCI 101, 105, SPORTSCI 100G, 101, 105, MEDSCI 142 are not eligible for this course.