Sleep: the neglected pillar of health Event as iCalendar

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25 October 2017

12:30 - 1:30pm

Venue: Room: 731-203

Location: Tāmaki Innovation Campus

Host: Department of Exercise Sciences

Cost: Free

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Researchers agree that a healthy diet, regular exercise, and quality sleep are the “three pillars” of a healthy life. But while diet and exercise are highly marketable, profitable aspects of health, with modern media flooded with the latest fads and trends, sleep is less so.

Researchers at the Appleton Institute aim to fill this gap by conducting research aimed at understanding the impact of sleep and fatigue in populations where sleep is critical to performance. Dr Vincent and Dr Lastella will present their current research in shift workers and elite athletes.


Dr Michele Lastella
Dr Michele Lastella

Dr Michele Lastella

Dr Lastella has several research interests including sleep, recovery, sport psychology, psychological well-being and performance. Being a former elite athlete Dr Lastella brings experience from both an athlete perspective as well as a researcher perspective. He has worked with several elite sporting organisations, including the Australian Institute of Sport, South Australian Institute of Sport examining sleep, recovery, and performance.

Dr Grace Vincent
Dr Grace Vincent

Dr Grace Vincent

Dr Vincent is interested in the relationships between sleep, physical activity and health within shift-work environments. Dr Vincent completed her undergraduate and honours degree in Exercise Science at the University of Auckland, and a PhD at Deakin University. Her doctoral studies were the first to quantify firefighters’ sleep and physical activity behaviour during bushfires. Dr. Vincent continues to work closely with industry and is currently exploring the impact of on-call work on sleep and stress.